Where Are The Illegals Going? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!
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I’d like to know from VDare readers if they are seeing illegal aliens where they are.  Frankly, I haven’t seen many of them in the area where I’m living, nor in the immediate area where my relatives live.  (In case Catholic Charities spies are reading this wanting to give me some cultural enrichment, I live in Martha’s Vineyard).  Of course, in the southeast, the illegal aliens or their legal anchor babies (many now fully grown) are all over the southeast of the United States. 

Supposedly, during COVID the hall monitors who were worried about college students going to Florida for spring break decided to track the students by cell phone to see if they spread COVID across the country from the beaches of Florida, geofencing as it’s called.  The Heritage Foundation decided to use the same technique to track where the illegal aliens are going [Investigation: Taxpayer-Funded NGOs Sending Tens of Thousands of Illegal Aliens to All 50 States for Biden’s DHS, by John Binder, December 8, 2022].

To my untrained eye, it looks like the vein system for America’s cardiovascular system.  Look at Texas though.  When I asked one of my friends in Texas where the illegal aliens are going, he said a lot of them appear to be staying here.  That certainly does seem to be the case. 

The dissident Catholic website Complicit Clergy (I’m not familiar with them) is claiming that 71% of tracked cell phones are winding up in Republican Congressional districts.  It seems that even illegal aliens don’t like blue states—see Is Catholic Charities Helping Turn America Blue?, December 10, 2022.

This is their version of the map:

The Heritage Foundation tracked 30,000 cell devices over a one-month period.  I’m not sure if that’s representative, because once one area gets filled up, the next area is going to get inundated. Email me here if you have any information about what’s going on where you live.

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