VDARE Foundation's 1620 Society Membership Information
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At the giving level of $100 a month, The 1620 Society is a select group of patriots who stand in a meaningful way with the VDARE Foundation in the struggle to preserve the Historic American Nation and maintain control of America’s national borders.

All Society members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. An invitation to the annual 1620 Society Dinner hosted at the historic Berkeley Springs Castle in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, only two hours from the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.
  2. A special newsletter that shares Berkeley Castle news and updates
  3. Early access to VDARE conferences and events, and
  4. A special token of our appreciation—an exclusive 1620 Society lapel pin!


How do I join?

To join, set up a recurring donation of $100 per month by clicking here.

Check "Earmark your donation" and select "1620 Society" as in the screenshot below:

Why did we create the 1620 Society?

Moving VDARE Foundation’s headquarters to the Berkeley Springs Castle in Berkeley Springs, WV created an opportunity to engage with our supporters like never before. At the same time, the egregious 1619 Project was making waves in the media. We put the two together and created a giving level that meets once a year at the Castle to honor America’s true and beautiful heritage.

What does my monthly donation support?

Your donations go directly to VDARE Foundation’s mission: educating the public on the negative effects of mass immigration, and on the National Question. Donations from 1620 Society Memberships are unrestricted gifts that may be used to pay writers, maintain or purchase equipment, keep VDARE.com online, or, in any other way, strengthen the voice of the Historic American Nation.

Is my membership gift 100% tax deductible?

Your Society membership gift is 100% tax deductible. If you attend the 1620 Society Annual dinner, an estimated value of $30 will be indicated on your yearly giving statement.

Can I share a membership with someone in my household, or are memberships only available to individuals?

Memberships are only available to individuals; however, most of VDARE Foundation’s events are open to guests at an additional fee.

Are there different rates for International and Domestic members, for students or for seniors?

No, all Membership rates are the same.

When will I receive my lapel pin, newsletter and invitations?

Lapel pins are sent out within a week of your initial sign up. Newsletters arrive via email on a quarterly basis, and early access ticket sales arrive about a week before the general to other donors. The annual 1620 Society Members Dinner at the Berkeley Springs Castle is open to anyone who has been a member for three months or more.

I’m already a member of the 1620 Society; how do I renew or upgrade my membership?

As long as your monthly giving remains, your membership is active. If you would like to make additional donations, please do so at vdare.com/donate or call Lydia Brimelow at 860-361-6231.

May I get a replacement lapel pin?

For a replacement lapel pin, please email assistant@vdare.com.

Who do I contact with any outstanding questions about my membership?

For all questions about 1620 Society membership and donations in general, please email Lydia Brimelow at lbrimelow@vdare.com or call 860-361-6231.


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