U.K. & U.S. Elites Equally Culpable For Immivasion Treason—But At Least We Have Primaries
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Here’s another fine Remix article, documenting the betrayal of Britain by its political elite—Britain’s mainstream parties have failed the nation through mass immigration, by Thomas Brooke, May 19, 2023.

Notwithstanding a similar betrayal by the same culprits in America, this country’s political system offers more hope of reversal.

In the U.K., the now utterly misnamed “Conservative” party has been in power since 2010, so their treason gets most attention.

“We would like to see net immigration in the tens of thousands,” then Conservative leader David Cameron told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show back in January 2010…

At the time, net immigration into Britain had been hovering at around 200,000 per year.

Just this week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told reporters he intended to ensure that net migration be reduced to under 500,000 a year—this was literally the record figure just last year.

Remix, no doubt correctly, sees little prospect that a Labour Government will be any better:

On Friday, Labour party chairwoman Anneliese Dodds… implied that Britain under Labour could see even higher net immigration.

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This pitiful situation is despite the 2016 Brexit vote, a stunning repudiation of the U.K. Establishment, generally acknowledged to have been immigration driven.

Remix reports that

57 percent of Brits believe immigration into Britain is too high… and more voters than not (30 percent to 24 percent) believe mass immigration has been mostly bad for the country.

Opposition is so strong that Labour is pretending to respond with some wonkery: Does Labour now have the upper hand on immigration?, Harriet Marden, The Week, May 25, 2023.

I hope the British do not forget that, as I said in Britain: Deliberately Destroyed

The Tony Blair Labour government of 1997-2007 deliberately opened the floodgates, which had been effectively closed since the UK Establishment got scared of Enoch Powell in the early 1970s.

Remix attributes the ability of Britain’s elite to perpetrate this atrocity on

the two-party, first-past-the-post electoral system [which] makes it almost impossible to upend the political establishment.

I do not entirely agree. America also operates a winner-take-all electoral system, and a two-party system which in name goes back to the 1860s—Britain’s current two-party arrangement dates only to 1945.

The U.K. problem is brutal Party control of candidate selection. The Conservative A-list, established in 2005, has enabled the liberals who have dominated Party leadership for decades to eradicate opposition and foist Minorities and compliant women on many constituencies. Labour has more recently being purging pro-Palestinians whom its Muslim dominated areas would otherwise elect.

Whereas here we have Primaries. Horribly expensive and often disappointing, but sometimes they work.

Under a Republican A-list system, would we ever have got President Trump?

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