Oligarchs Have Solution For Inflation: More Immigration
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The standard leftist argument against nationalism is that it’s a kind of trick, something made up by the rich to keep the working class from uniting across artificial borders. For example, Vladimir Lenin wrote in 1914, before he came to power:

The more strongly the working-class movement develops the more frantic are the attempts by the bourgeoisie and the feudalists to suppress it or break it up. Both these methods—suppression by force and disintegration by bourgeois influence—are constantly employed all over the world, in all countries, and one or another of these methods is adopted alternately by the different parties of the ruling classes.

In Russia, particularly after 1905, when the more intelligent members of the bourgeoisie realised that brute force alone was ineffective, all sorts of “progressive” bourgeois parties and groups have been more and more often resorting to the method of dividing the workers by advocating different bourgeois ideas and doctrines designed to weaken the struggle of the working class.

One such idea is refined nationalism, which advocates the division and splitting up of the proletariat on the most plausible and specious pretexts, as for example, that of protecting the interests of “national culture”, “national autonomy, or independence”, and so on, and so forth.

The class-conscious workers fight hard against every kind of nationalism, both the crude, violent, Black-Hundred nationalism, and that most refined nationalism which preaches the equality of nations together with ... the splitting up of the workers’ cause, the workers’ organisations and the working-class movement according to nationality. Unlike all the varieties of the nationalist bourgeoisie, the class conscious workers, carrying out the decisions of the recent (summer 1913) conference of the Marxists, stand, not only for the most complete, consistent and fully applied equality of nations and languages, but also for the amalgamation of the workers of the different nationalities in united proletarian organisations of every kind.

[Corrupting the Workers with Refined Nationalism, by V. I. Lenin, Marxists Internet Archive, May 10, 1914, Accessed September 24, 2022]

Of course, in reality, oligarchs are generally the most eager to urge unrelenting immigration. There are three simple reasons why.

First, they want cheap labor. This is why many nationalist rebellions are also workers’ rebellions. It’s also why groups that are lower on the socioeconomic scale, such as African-Americans, benefit from closed borders.

Second, they understand diversity is not strength. An ethnically and racially divided workforce is easier to keep from uniting. Leaked documents from Amazon admitted as much.

Store-risk metrics include average store compensation, average total store sales, and a ”diversity index” that represents the racial and ethnic diversity of every store. Stores at higher risk of unionizing have lower diversity and lower employee compensation, as well as higher total store sales and higher rates of workers’ compensation claims, according to the documents.

[Amazon-owned Whole Foods is quietly tracking its employees with a heat map tool that ranks which stores are most at risk of unionizing, by Hayley Peterson, Business Insider, April 20, 2020]

Finally, mass immigration enables the fundamental globalist project of turning the entire world into a collection of economic units, with no culture, identity, or loyalties beyond brands. This is a bit more abstract, and perhaps those advocating these policies aren’t really conscious of it. Nonetheless, it is the nature of a system where economics is the only consideration to dissolve every loyalty and bond that is beyond price.

In the long run, this may create an underclass that will ultimately destroy the entire system. The capitalists could well be hung with the very ropes they sold, which is why we call them the Rope Sellers. However, if you don’t have any loyalty to a particular nation and can’t see past the next quarterly earnings report, you won’t see the danger. I regret that in some way, we are fighting for these people’s skins’ as well as our own.

The Biden Administration’s irresponsible fiscal policies, the proxy war with Russia that nobody voted for, and the destructive impact of the COVID-19 policies that were arguably used to drive President Donald Trump from office have all led to ruinous inflation. The most recent Consumer Price Index showed that inflation is still rising [American inflation rose more than expected in August, by Alicia Wallace, CNN, September 13, 2022]. The Federal Reserve thus imposed another crushing interest rate increase, which is probably going to tip the United States into recession and led the stock market to finish this week in total disarray [Dow drops nearly 500 points to close at new low for 2022 on rising recession fears, by Samantha Subin and Alex Harring, CNBC, September 23, 2022].

Never fear! Oligarchs have the solution! It’s mass immigration, the same thing that will fix all of our problems.

Here’s billionaire investor Bill Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management:

Pershing Square Capital CEO Bill Ackman said that increasing immigration may be a more effective tool to tamp down inflation than the Federal Reserve raising interest rates and “destroying demand.”

Ackman—with a net worth of about $2.5 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index—made the comments on Twitter after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell earlier this week raised rates by 75 basis points for a third straight time and said there wasn’t a painless way to get inflation “behind us.”

[Bill Ackman Touts Immigration Over Rate Hikes in Inflation Fight, by Aradhana Aravindan, Forbes, September 23, 2022]

Here’s FWD.us, initially started by Mark Zuckerberg and other ”tech giants,” as put by TechCrunch [Zuckerberg and a team of tech all-stars launch political advocacy group FWD.us, by Josh Constine, Techcrunch, April 11, 2013]. They have a new statement out.

Immigrants in the workforce, including those who are undocumented and those waiting to transition from temporary to permanent status, need certainty in their legal status, not only because it’s the right thing to do but also to help stabilize our country’s labor force and stave off increased inflation. Without the passage of BBB, workers facing the threat of deportation or expiring work permits will contribute to further uncertainty for them and for the labor force in these industries. Workers who are essential cannot continue to be deportable.

 Immigrants of all statuses make up nearly a fifth of the U.S. labor force. More specifically, immigrants who would benefit from provisions in the BBB, including undocumented workers, make up more than 3% of the total U.S. labor force. This is a significant share of the U.S. workforce, particularly while we are facing such severe worker shortages.

Worker shortages have especially impacted several key industries—including transportation and warehousing, as well as accommodation and food services—as the U.S. economy emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. While these industries in particular have struggled to fill key roles, they are also those in which a high number of immigrant workers who would be provided relief by BBB are currently working.

[Immigration relief in BBB can help curb inflation, by Phillip Connor, FWD, September 19, 2022]

Of course, shutting down the entire economy is another reason we have these supply chain shortages, not to mention cutting Russia out of the entire trade system.

Here’s Rebecca Shi, Executive Director of the American Business Immigration Coalition:

Labor Day should be a day for recognizing the contributions of all workers, including the 11 million undocumented workers who have been contributing to our economy for years and decades. Employers need their energy, talents, and skills and they need the dignity and stability that comes with permanent legal status. From high inflation to an unprecedented labor crisis to declining global competitiveness, America faces a battery of serious challenges. The key to meeting those challenges depends on reaffirming America’s character as a beacon of hope, freedom, and opportunity for all.

[Immigrations are key to addressing America’s labor shortage, lowering inflation, and growing our economy, by Rebecca Shi, The Hill, August 29, 2022]

Incidentally, if you look into the ABIC, you’ll notice among the various CEOs and business leaders that make up the group’s Board that one is Al Cardenas, former Chairman of the Florida Republican Party. A longtime immigration shill, he was also the former head of the American Conservative Union, the ”oldest membership-based conservative organization in the United States” and the group that organizes the Conservative Political Action Conference every year. CPAC has a long history of downplaying the immigration issue.

His wife is Ana Navarro, of The View, a fanatically anti-Trump ”Republican” who voted for Hillary Clinton. We could describe her as a passionate nationalist, just not for the United States [Meet Ana Navarro, Hispanic Nationalist, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 29, 2018].

Why has our country become a war zone?

It is because leftists have it completely backwards.

It is the rich and powerful who advocate for mass immigration and demographic replacement.

It is those people who own Conservatism Inc. and have turned it into controlled opposition that works to destroy its own supporters.

And it is the interests of those people whom the antifa and assorted left-wing thugs are actually fighting for.

Now, eventually, the imported underclass may be so great that the leftists could get their hoped-for revolution. The jet-set class will escape the Third World mess they’ve created, leaving actual Americans behind. That’s the nature of the high-low coalition against the middle class, the alliance that’s destroying our country. That’s the scam that needs to be identified and defeated if we are to have any hope of keeping this country from just another Third World failed state.

We have few patriotic elites in this country. Yet they exist. I speak to you now. We need you, as well as everyone else, to step up and join the fight not just out of self-interest, but because it’s the only thing really worth fighting for. We need to make sure we still have a country, and a world, where greatness is possible and our children can live in safety. It’s the purpose of life itself. It’s why we are here. And it starts by fighting for truth, and calling out the Left’s Big Lie that the rich and powerful are on the side of immigration restriction. If they were, we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with.


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