Norman, Oklahoma: City Council Member Under Fire For Citing FBI Statistics On The Black Crime Rate
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Norman, Oklahoma, which has been referred to as The People's Republic of Norman, is the home of Oklahoma University. (See Incredibly, The University Of Oklahoma Has Become Anti-White Communist Enclave. Where Is GOP?)

At a recent Norman City Council meeting, a council member ruffled feathers by courageously pointing out the problem of the high black crime rate. You can imagine the reaction.

From KFOR, an NBC affiliate:

A Norman City Council member is being criticized for comments he made during a recent council meeting that some people are calling racist.
[Norman City Council member under fire for comments some are calling racist, by Jessica Bruno, KFOR, December 16, 2021]

What provoked the comments was a presentation given by the "Center for Policing Equity":

“We found that in the case of Norman PD, black people were still subjected to force 3.4 times as often as white people,” representatives from the Center for Policing Equity said.

It all started with a presentation from the Center for Policing Equity about a Norman Police Department study during a City Council meeting on Tuesday [December 14].

“Our Police Department is not afraid to put data out there to work with our community partners,” Norman PD Chief Kevin Foster said during the presentation.

That's when City Council member Kelly Lynn responded:

Ward 3 council member Kelly Lynn then called the study “garbage.”

“Looking at FBI statistics, African Americans are way more responsible for murder, robbery, all kinds of violent crimes, way disproportionate to their percentage of population. The numbers are outstanding,” said Lynn. “This seems like a big waste of time to me.”

It's true. The high rate of crime among the black community is an enormous problem, not least for the many African-American victims of Black Crime. It's also the reason for frequently occurring deaths of black men in police encounters.

But even though it's the truth, it's a verboten thing to say. Most conservatives are afraid to talk about it. How can you combat a problem if you don't even recognize it?

Unsurprisingly, the reaction was immediate.

Ward 1 council member Brandi Studley then responded.

“I am a little bit shocked by council members Lynn’s comments. I find them to be extremely disturbing and racist and I don’t appreciate that, and I apologize to our black community members that just had to listen to that,” she said.

But she didn't provide any evidence that Lynn was wrong.

The mayor of course got into it, without of course refuting what Lynn said.

Mayor Breea Clark also responded to the comments on Twitter, saying, “The CM’s comments were wildly inappropriate & offensive, but I don’t have the power to censure Councilmembers & although vile, what was said is protected speech under the 1st amendment. With that said, I have zero issue publicly denouncing this behavior.”

At least the mayor said it was protected speech, at least for now. But it's "vile." Even though she can't refute it.

Back to Council Member Brandi Studley:

“My youngest daughter is half black, and so to me, it’s like the comments that he made basically said because my daughter’s black, she’s more likely to be a criminal than my white children, and that’s how I took it and that’s how I felt,” Studley told KFOR on Thursday [the 16th].

So she still hasn't refuted what Lynn said.

Lynn refused to speak with News 4 on camera but sent us these FBI statistics from 2019. FBI — Table 43.

He told News 4 in a statement, “Per capita, African-Americans commit documented crime in many areas way more than any other ethnicity. Such as 13% of the population responsible for well over 50% of murder. The study that was put forth to us didn’t include the higher crime rate by race, when looking at the rate of use of force.”

Lynn is absolutely right. Once again, how can you combat a problem if you don't recognize it exists?

Brandi Studley doesn't like Lynn quoting from the FBI, though she can't show that the statistics are wrong.

“To try to quote statistics from the FBI is just ridiculous. There are so many factors of why black people get arrested. We know that they’re falsely accused a lot of the times, especially in our country’s past history and in our current history,” Studley said.

It's really not complicated. More black people get arrested because they commit crimes more often. You're welcome to try and improve that situation but denying it doesn't help.

Here is some information on Kelly Lynn, a veteran, on his campaign website. Lynn, pictured below with his family, has only been on the Council for 5 months.

The guy's got guts.

Just imagine if some politician at the national level had the courage to speak out about Black Crime.

[The FBI stats at the top of the page are derived from this source, here.]

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