NC Treason Lobby Congresscritter Runs Away. But Where Is New Jesse Helms?
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Roll Call has posted Manning decides not to run again in North Carolina [by Mary Ellen McIntire, December 7, 2023].

A spokesperson for Manning [a Democrat] said in October she planned to run, before the Republican-led state legislature approved new congressional maps that would have made her district a likely pickup for Republicans.

To my mind, Carpetbagger Kathy Manning (Numbers USA Career F) had no standing to represent North Carolina. Wikipedia currently says:

Manning was born to a Jewish family in Detroit, Michigan ... Manning attended Harvard University ... She also attended the University of Michigan Law School...

She was the first woman to serve as board chair of the Jewish Federations of North America,[6] from 2009 to 2012.[7] She also was the founding board chair of Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools in New York.

Expecting Manning to have any interest in issues like Whites Made Up Only 6% Of New Workers Added During Racial Reckoning Year of 2021 would be fatuous.

Manning says she is a victim of gerrymandering, an aspect of American political life I personally despise. But until the Pols agree to disarm, I see no solution.

A different kind of person would have fought it out, honoring her party’s investment in her name recognition.

However, the problem for Patriots is that the North Carolina GOP may well be little better.

As I noted in Massive NUMBERSUSA Ratings Failure On Mayorkas Impeachment Vote. Why?, two alleged Numbers USA A- GOP Congresscritters (out of seven) voted to protect Treason:


Current Congress


Rep Virginia Foxx-NC



Rep Patrick McHenry-NC



And then there is the despicable Cheap Labor Lobby whore Senator Thom Tillis, who has a worthless Numbers USA career rating of B- but who has completely justified the predictions of A Southern Reader Calls Out North Carolina Treason Lobby Tool ThomTillis.

With remarkable con$istency Tillis has popped up to support the Cheap Labor Lobby: Sen. Thom Tillis (NC–Treason Lobby): Time For The GOP To Ignore Him.

What a disgrace.

To think this was the State which gave us Jesse Helms, whose unflinching courage made Reagan President.

See Jesse Helms: The Sailer Strategy Victorious.


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