Mexican Opposition Candidate Disapproves of Emigration
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The party of Bush's buddy, Vicente Fox may be in trouble in the upcoming Mexican election.

The leading opponent of the PAN (think Mexican GOP) is Lopez Obrador.

What I think readers here may find interesting is what Mr. Obrador has said about Mexican emigration to the US:

”That which is depopulating the country, that is leaving women, children and senior citizens in the towns because the younger people must leave, is not what is best. Of course that represents the failure of the economic policy,” López Obrador said during his morning press conference.

The effects of migration are twofold, López Obrador said. On one hand the pressure is removed with regard to zero economic growth, and on the other those who are in the U.S. send about US $17 billion to Mexico annually.

”That helps to reactivate the economy, but clearly it is not due to economic policy,” he explained. [Mayor says immigration keeps Mexico from social unrest, By Manuel Durán, REFORMADecember 28, 2004]

Translation: racists like Vicente Fox(just look at his cabinet and his comments about blacks) can get away with exporting people and delivering little more than some nationalist rhetoric. However, a left leaning candidate like Orbrador has to deliver something real for working Mexicans to be credible.

Wouldn't it be in the interests of most readers if Mexico were healthy enough economy that there was little need to migrate from there to the US? For $60 Billion/year, all extreme poverty in the north American continent could be eliminated. What may be needed at this point is political allies that will stand against the wealthy interests in the US and Mexico that have made short-sighted profits by US corporate-driven immigration policies.

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