FORMER AGENT: Which Way, Governor Abbott?
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A relative forwarded me the following video interview of Michael Yon on the border: I

In it, you see that Texas is building massive new housing for illegal aliens. It is supposedly being funded by some of Governor Abbott’s biggest donors [Abbott Donor Funds Illegal Alien Housing Project Near Houston, by Valerie Muñoz, Texas Scorecard, June 26, 2023].

Previously, I blogged on a CIS video featuring Chuck Holton, in which Holton tells how the state of Texas is administering a program to give illegal aliens $600 per adult for two years. Free money seems to be a good incentive to migrate to Texas.

Which way, Governor Abbott? I have heard from friends who have met Abbott that he is trying on border security. After all, he is building a border barrier in the Rio Grande River. However, as Federale has documented, Mayorkas and company are using the CBP One App to mask the number of illegal entries by claiming they entered legally. The aliens don’t have to get their feet wet, but simply walk across the bridge into the U.S., “surrender” and be released.

Is Abbott trying to stem the human wave, or is he doing a dog and pony show for conservative voters? Michael Yon seems to believe it’s the latter, as Abbott is supposedly part of the World Economic Forum. A quick check of the WEF website on “migration” shows that they are a pro-open borders organization with nothing but sob stories about how the poor little dearies have to get to First World countries for their safety. There is no mention of the interests of regular blue-collar American or ethnic Europeans. Face it, we are non-people to these elites unless we are in their little club.

Michael Yon said that he was on the Mexican side of the river watching the Texas National Guard help illegal aliens up the embankment at the same time that Abbott was publicly saying that his National Guard was sending them back.

More recently, Tucker Carlson claims that he confronted Governor Abbott about why Abbott is not doing more to stop the human tidal wave, and Abbott simply said, “Well, it’s complicated.”

Is Abbott another fraud in the George “Dumbya” Bush mode? It would seem so.


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