Bush, Reconquista
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It's interesting to find evidence at this late date that President Bush has been a closet reconquista all these years. La Times did some research on the Texas years and found a video of a 1998 San Antonio Mexican Independence Day parade, where "At one point, Bush is shown waving a Mexican flag." [Immigrant Issues Are Personal for Bush, LA Times, 4/2/06]

"About 15 years before the Civil War, much of the American West was northern Mexico," Bush says in the video. "The people who lived there weren't called Latinos or Hispanics. They were Mexican citizens, until all that land became part of the United States.

"After that, many of them were treated as foreigners in their own land," Bush adds.

Apparently President Bush is simpatico with reconquista supporters who say, "The border crossed us."

As I wrote two years ago in The Mexichurian Candidate, there has been no instance where Bush has chosen the well being of Americans over Mexicans, given a choice. Since that time, the evidence has accumulated that President Bush not only has a "comfort level with Mexicans" (as stated in the LA Times article), but actually prefers Mexicans to his own countrymen.

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