Blexit Be Damned: 87 Percent Of Blacks Are Voting Biden
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The First Step Act, attacking Biden/Harris for being tough on crime in the past, bringing the great Herschel Walker on among a host of other soul brothers at the RNC–none of these things are working:

Also, dar rEpUbLiCaNs ArE tHe PaRtY oF tHe RiCh! The Democrat party has outraised the GOP in corporate donations in every presidential election since 2004, some sixteen years ago. That Republicans are so bad at making use of that open secret explains why the GOP is so aptly referred to colloquially as the Stupid Party.

In a populist age, Democrats get to pretend to be the party of the common man while the corporate world is stuffing every one of their orifices with cash. Republicans get portrayed as the party being bankrolled by the moneyed interests without getting the benefits of actually being bankrolled by the moneyed interests, since those interests are mostly bankrolling Democrats.

Younger, poorer voters are the ones least committed to either candidate six weeks out. Younger, poorer voters want stimulus checks and health care. Give it to them. Or at least say you’d like to, because your opponent won’t!

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