Auster On Bloomberg And The "Insane Fears" Of "Jewish Narcissists"
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Larry Auster makes an important point arising from his appalled contemplation of New York Mayor Michael ("Billionaire Golfers for Open Borders") Bloomberg and his incessant calls forincreased immigration:

My theory: Bloombrain represents a florid extreme of the collective liberal Jewish narcissism I have spoken of previously. Such narcissists see every issue through the filter of Jewish experience and sensibililty. Since Jewish immigrants to America and their offspring became successful entrepreneurs and professionals, the same must be equally true of all immigrants, even Mexicans with 90 IQs.

And the Jewish narcissists believe this, not just because they blindly assume that everyone is just like them, but because, in their insane fears of an outbreak of white Christian anti-Semitism in the most philo-Semitic country in world history, they feel that everything about immigration must be shown to be wonderful. If it's not true that all immigrants can be as successful as the Jews, then there's something wrong with immigration itself, and since the Jews, far more than any other U.S. ethnic group, identify themselves with the immigration experience, they believe that if something is shown to be wrong with immigration, then America's proto-Nazi white Christian majority will think there's something wrong the immigration that brought the Jews here, and will turn on the Jews. As crazy as it sounds, that is the way the liberal Jewish mind works, as I have shown at more lengthhere.

In any case, Bloombrain's statements about immigration have nothing to do with the real world, and everything to do with a fantastical tribal drama enacting itself in Bloombrain's head.

Anyone who gets involved in the struggle for patriotic immigration reform has to deal with these "insane fears". They are a key reason politicians and Beltway immigration reform groups are afraid to to raise the issue of an immigration moratorium even after three years of record unemployment and why the Republican Party is afraid to appeal openly to its white base—what we call the "Sailer Strategy". Their intractibility is one reason I've begun to conclude, with terrible sadness, that it's  all going to end in tears.

Making this point is typical Auster, courageous and incisive. Of course, if anyone else made it, he'd accuse them of you-know-what.

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