Arbitrator Orders A Professor Fired For Retweeting Steve Sailer Reinstated
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Earlier: Tenured Psychology Professor Gets Struggle Sessioned for Retweeting Sailer Tweet and U. of Central Florida Trying to Fire Tenured Professor After He Quote Tweeted Steve Sailer

During the first week of the George Floyd Memorial Mostly Peaceful Riots spreading looting and arson across America, I tweeted:

University of Central Florida psychology professor Charles Negy retweeted it, adding:

Black privilege is real: Besides affirm. Action [sic], special scholarships and other set asides, being shielded from legitimate criticism is a privilege. But as a group, they’re missing out on much needed feedback.

The campaign to cancel Professor Negy made international news. From The Guardian:

University professor investigated over ‘black privilege’ tweet

Tweet from psychology professor Charles Negy sparks condemnation and calls for University of Central Florida to fire him

Jessica Glenza
Fri 5 Jun 2020 09.12 EDT

A professor at the University of Central Florida is being investigated by the school after tweeting comments widely condemned as racist.

Professor Charles Negy is a tenured associate professor of psychology at UCF, and a frequent commentator. In a tweet Wednesday he sparked criticism and a #UCFFireHim hashtag for a tweet on “black privilege”.

Negy tweeted: “Black privilege is real: Besides affirm. Action [sic], special scholarships and other set asides, being shielded from legitimate criticism is a privilege. But as a group, they’re missing out on much needed feedback.”

Negy’s tweet linked to a story by an American commentator Steve Sailer.

The Guardian wouldn’t link to my Taki’s Magazine article.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate speech, describes Sailer as an “extremist” who promotes crude racial stereotypes and is the founder of a “neo-eugenic online discussion forum”.

The Guardian did link to the scandal-plagued SPLC.

… Negy was the subject of discussion inside higher education circles in 2012, when he scolded students for arguing in favor of Christian supremacy. He said the arguments came from “typically … first-generation college students” who did not understand or “appreciate the purpose of a university”.

The University of Central Florida has more than 69,000 enrolled students.

It wrote in a tweet: “Being actively anti-racist means calling out and confronting racist comments. We are aware of Charles Negy’s recent personal Twitter posts, which are completely counter to UCF’s values. We are reviewing this matter further while being mindful of the first amendment.”

The University president called for students and alumni to submit complaints against the professor.

Of course, you can’t fire a tenured professor for retweeting me. So, UCF, following Beria’s dictum —Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime—investigated at length and announced it was firing him for something many years before. The incident from his 15-year career the university decided was a tenure-breaking offense was that two coed had complained that Negy’s undergrad volunteer teaching assistant had flirted with them at a gathering in 2014, without ever touching them, and Negy had failed to call in a drone strike on the miscreant, or whatever UCF decided in the 2020s was the appropriate response, which it had never communicated to Negy.

Negy took his firing to an arbitrator.

From Legal Insurrection today:

U. Central Florida Prof. Charles Negy, Fired After Tweeting “Black Privilege is Real,” Ordered Reinstated With Tenure and Back Pay

Arbitrator finds no “just cause” for termination. Negy: “UCF Administrators (and all university administrators) need to get the message that they cannot simply ‘purge’ or even discipline professors who do not conform to the DEI ideology that they are imposing on entire university campuses.”

Posted by William A. Jacobson Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 04:29pm

Here’s the arbitrator’s verdict.

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