Ann Coulter In The NYT On How Much The Media Can Determine The Outcome Of The Election—Not Much!
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Ann Coulter is in the NYT today as part of a debate about the debate: ‘I Don’t Think Trump Will Be the Nominee’: Three Writers Preview the First G.O.P. Debate,  by Frank Bruni, Ann Coulter and Stuart Stevens, August 23, 2023.

[Frank]Bruni: Lastly, rank these American institutions in the order of influence they might have over the final results—the winner—of the 2024 presidential contest: Fox News, Facebook, The New York Times, the Supreme Court.

[Ann] Coulter: Fox News: almost zero, unless the nominee is Trump—then you can blame Fox. Facebook: 2 percent. New York Times: 8 percent, maybe 10. The political economist Tim Groseclose wrote a book (“Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind”) estimating the influence of the media on elections and concluded it was about 8 percent. But that was roughly 10 years ago. It’s probably more now. The Supreme Court: hopefully zero.

That’s followed by this:

[Former Republican consultant ] Stevens: The Supreme Court by far. In the history of the country, only five justices were confirmed by senators representing a minority of the country’s population. All five are on the court today. It is completely out of step with the majority of the country, and the results played out in 2022.

The reason Stevens is a FORMER GOP consultant is because he is a crazed Never-Trumper who had an epic meltdown on election night.

I find his complaint about the conservative Justices being ”confirmed by Senators representing a minority of the country’s population” almost unintelligible, but I think he’s complaining that small, mostly white, states like Montana have Republican Senators, and this is somehow undemocratic.

One of the first things you learn about the U.S. Constitution and the Electoral College is it’s not supposed to be purely democratic, in the sense of representing the largest number of voters, but to provide some representation for the states, include Joe Biden’s Delaware, which has two Senators and one Representative.

But yes, Ann’s right, the Supreme Court will hopefully have nothing to do with the election, if the Republican wins enough votes to overcome Democratic electoral fraud—Hugh Hewitt wrote a book years ago called If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat.

That’s only going to happen if the GOP nominee has the good sense to hammer the immigration issue.

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