A Filipino Reader "Spews" Hate Speech Against VDARE.com, Berkeley Springs, And The Coming White Minority
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Re: Lydia Brimelow's blog post Be Our Guest! Special Thank-You Event at Berkeley Castle

From: Silangan Gabitan [Email her]

Your organization is so f--ing ignorant. You’re nothing but a bunch of inbred rednecks. That’s why you had to hide in a tiny town—Berkeley Springs—to spew your hate speech and commit hate crimes. And the sad part is, the residents of the town don’t even want you there. 
Keep in mind that by 2045, you will be the minority whites. Immigrants and people of color will be the majority. And let’s not forget the rise of the LGBTQ community. Better hurry up and procreate with your cousins and siblings so that you can keep “white power” pure. Put that in your article you stupid idiots. 
James Fulford replies: This is textbook hate speech against whites, of course. "Inbred," "ignorant," "spew," et cetera. Native-born white Americans, the kind who live in Virginia and give "American" as their ethnicity, are less likely to commit incest and cousin marriage than many immigrant groups.
In any event, VDARE.com readers who disagree with Ms. Gabitan are invited to participate in our monthly donation program.


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