Face It: Controlled Opposition Cucks Like David French, Ross Douthat Are Traitors
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Earlier, by Steve Sailer: David French: If Anti-CRT Laws Pass, The Current Robust Debate Over Race In The Schools Will Be Shut Down

There comes a point, and I think we’ve reached it, where we can no longer assume certain Establishment cuckservatives’ supposed “principled” support for Progressive causes is argued in good faith.

David French [Tweet him] is out there arguing for the “conservative case” against banning Critical Race Theory. Ross Douthat is crying surrender on racial issues. Combined with the already weak stance of even anti-CRT activists like Christopher Rufo [Tweet him] we must conclude that this is Conservatism Inc. once again negotiating the terms of surrender. Their underlying assumption: this change is simply occurring naturally and that nothing can be done about it. As with immigration, we must reject this premise entirely and frankly accept that the interests of the Historic American Nation require an energetic campaign against anti-white racism and the drive to replace our country’s traditional history, heroes, and people.

Like the Gimp from Pulp Fiction, once again our Progressive rulers, this time at the New York Times, rolled out David French to lecture conservatives about why their principles bar them from defending their interests. French, along with his coauthors Kmele Foster, Jason Stanley, and Thomas Chatterton Williams, openly endorse Critical Race Theory on the grounds that America should follow the German model: the state must teach the nation to feel ashamed.

French and his co-authors write of anti-CRT laws:

The laws differ in some respects but generally agree on blocking any teaching that would lead students to feel discomfort, guilt or anguish because of one’s race or ancestry, as well as restricting teaching that subsequent generations have any kind of historical responsibility for actions of previous generations. They attempt various carve outs for the impartial teaching of the history of oppression of groups. But it’s hard to see how these attempts are at all consistent with demands to avoid discomfort. These measures would, by way of comparison, make Germany’s uncompromising and successful approach to teaching about the Holocaust illegal, as part of its goal is to infuse them with some sense of the weight of the past and (famously) lead many German students to feel anguish about their ancestry.

Indeed, the very act of learning history in a free and multiethnic society is inescapably fraught. Any accurate teaching of any country’s history could make some of its citizens feel uncomfortable (or even guilty) about the past. To deny this necessary consequence of education is, to quote W.E.B. Du Bois, to transform “history into propaganda.”

[We Disagree on a Lot of Things. Except the Danger of Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws,by Kmele Foster, David French, Jason Stanley, and Thomas Chatterton Williams, July 5, 2021. Emphases added]. 

First, one notes French and his co-authors’ willingness to cite the work of the Communist W.E.B. Du Bois, a man who can probably be credited with developing the concept of white guilt.

Du Bois’ support of Stalin, and his ultimate flight to Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, apparently does not trouble a “conservative” who claims to want to preserve “the American project.” The best thing that can be said about Du Bois is that he eventually left America. Would that his heirs would follow his example.

Second breathtaking admission: that “learning history in a free and multiethnic society is inescapably fraught.”

A white advocate would have to agree. The point of learning history is not just to acquire knowledge but to link citizens with their past and give them a belonging. However, if you have wildly distinct peoples with different histories and opposing interests, teaching history increases divisions between the warring tribes that have now become, nominally, your “fellow citizens.”

The conclusion I take from this: you shouldn’t import such diversity in the first place.

Otherwise learning about the history of your country becomes just another sacrifice on the altar of diversity.

However, the third takeaway is most important. The idea that Germany should be a model for the West is the fullest possible endorsement that VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow was right and today’s situation truly is “Hitler’s Revenge.” As R.R. Reno noted in The Return of the Strong Gods, the Second World War is now not presented as a war against a possible German hegemony but a crusade against “racism” and “fascism,” which never really ended, or can end. This means we must war eternally against ourselves and be on guard for the forbidden thoughts that could spring up at any time.

One notes that among French’s co-authors here is Jason Stanley, author of How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them and yet another one of those supposed experts who thought that Donald Trump, in fact perhaps the weakest president of modern history, was “performing fascism,” by trying to enforce national immigration laws in Democrat-run cities [Trump announced a ‘surge’ of federal agents to cities led by Democrats. The author of ‘How Fascism Works’ says Trump is ‘performing fascism,by Charles Davis, Business Insider, July 23, 2020].

America is to be treated like a conquered country, like Germany after World War II, and we are to follow the Western European path to national suicide

If the men who thought they were defending their country in World War II knew what they were unleashing, would they have charged off the landing craft on D-Day?

There is a word for a government that indoctrinates the nation to hate itself, destroy its identity, and dispossess themselves via moral blackmail or outright threats or force. That word is occupation.

If this is the future “our” own leaders—including “conservatives”—have in store for us, it is very hard to understand why Americans should care about the growth of Chinese or Russian power, even if these countries were to outright seize American territory.

And it isn’t just David French. Ross Douthat [Tweet him], the day before the increasingly pointless celebration of July 4, argued in the New York Times that “the basic claim that structural racism exists has strong evidence behind it, and the idea that schools should teach about it in some way is probably a winning argument for Progressives” [The Excesses of Antiracist Education, July 3, 2021].

Douthat merely objects that this is going too far. To his credit, he recognizes the absurdity that teaching “all racial disparities are the result of racism” enables, including the claim that SAT tests (dominated by Asians) are somehow products of “White Privilege.” Yet, like Charles Murray, Douthat also seems to be most motivated by the worry that CRT will lead whites to develop a stronger sense of identity—albeit one “defined by a toxic ‘whiteness’ [that] will lead to its purgation.”

However, this is a practical objection, not a moral one. Douthat ends by warning Progressives that they are simply overreaching and going beyond “sanity.”

Which is just the same old Conservativism Inc. argument for inaction—if we do nothing, and above all take no risks, eventually, somehow, there will be a “reaction” and “sanity” will be restored.

However, if the last few decades of the Culture Wars have taught us anything, it’s that each new excess simply paves the way for the next great offensive. Homosexual marriage didn’t end that issue but created a host of new sexual controversies that would have seemed incredible just a decade ago. The Civil Rights Act didn’t establish equality, but led inevitably to Affirmative Action, which then led to the sweeping racial discrimination against whites that exists throughout the government and corporate America.

At some point, power must be opposed with power and a moral vision needs to be confronted by a competing moral vision. Otherwise, “conservatives” are doing nothing but consolidating the latest Progressive excess, assuring their followers that it isn’t really a big deal and that in any event, by doing nothing, “sanity” will somehow re-emerge.

For immigration patriots, this is a familiar story. The 1965 Immigration Act did not “solve” an immigration problem created by the 1924 Immigration Act. Instead, it unleashed a nation-breaking nightmare, one that that has ultimately done more to hurt the country than any foreign military. The 1986 Ronald Reagan Amnesty didn’t “solve” the damage done by the 1965 Immigration Act, but simply enabled it to continue. The various Amnesty proposals by Republicans over the years, including during the Trump Administration, would also not solve the problem. Most would keep Birthright Citizenship and visas for cheap labor.

Perhaps most import, without meaningful enforcement against businesses who hire illegal aliens, and without an end to the anti-white Affirmative Action system, there is no reason for non-whites who come to this country to assimilate and identity with the Historic American Nation. Indeed, it’s stupid for them to do so. They receive massive economic, political, and social benefits by remaining hostile.

The same logic must be applied to Critical Race Theory in American schools. The answer is not to try to meet CRT theorists halfway. The CRT argument itself is not being made in good faith. Conceding the point that there is “systemic racism” against non-whites necessitates action to remedy it. The only way to stop CRT, which is simply a rationale for parasites to keep economically, socially, and politically repressing whites, is to oppose it on the grounds that it is anti-white.

America is systemically racist–against whites, the people who created the country, ultimately keep it going, and who provide Affirmative Action Americans with the bread that they would be unable to earn if left to their own devices.

CRT should be rejected with scorn and defiance, but that should just be a beginning. Parents need to not just organize to take over school boards, but work to defund public schools entirely—and, ultimately, dismantle much of the frankly destructive American higher education system. It is yet another institution that doesn’t just fulfill its intended role, but actually makes things worse. The best-case scenario is that, like Du Bois, the parasites who fill such institutions will eventually be driven to leave us alone.

After more than a year of flag-burnings, riots, murders, media hysteria, and openly expressed anti-white hatred, it is long past time to recognize that the likes of French and Douthat are worse than useless. They are either remarkably obtuse or deliberately acting as Controlled Opposition, telling Americans not to resist as they are herded towards their destruction.

A spirit of compromise with those who openly advocate your dispossession is not what’s needed. We cannot live in the same polity with these people and their allies. We must be free of their control. Until that occurs, even “Independence Day” is a sham and boasts of American military power a sick joke.

We’re under occupation. At this point, we can’t do much until enough people have understood this terrible situation. Those who prevent well-meaning Americans from coming to that conclusion aren’t simply mistaken. They are enemies and traitors. And I think they know exactly what they are doing.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him |Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow's Preface here.

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