Doxing The Doxers: Antifa’s War Against Regular Americans Is Run By Spoiled Rich Kids
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It’s hardly news that the Regime Media has a soft spot for the leaders of the Antifa terrorist movement. Nor is it surprising that the Lügenpresse has published several glowing profiles of Antifa’s leading Doxers (see below) without any concern, apparently, that these people openly harass, attack, defame, and seek to ruin financially and professionally ordinary American patriots. Antifa even wants to “dehome” them and their families—a direct threat to the physical well-being of innocent children. Make no mistake: Antifa is dangerous.

“We know where you sleep at night,” they chanted outside Tucker Carlson’s house in June 2019.

In August, one of the more unhinged Antifa radicals murdered Trump supporter Aaron Danielson in Portland, and Antifa thugs also sent conservative journalist Andy Ngo to the hospital.

Despite all that, top Antifa leaders are hardly common criminals. They are the offspring of the wealthiest and most (white?) privileged members of society: doctors, lawyers, professors, and corporate executives. Several might be millionaires in their own right.

Permit me to introduce you to a few.

Christian Michael Exoo

Christian Exoo is the leader of “Deplatform Hate, a cyberstalking campaign that seeks to force social media, fundraising sites, and email marketing services to deplatform patriot political dissidents.

Deplatform Hate advertises several more known Doxers: Abner Hauge, Talia Lavin, and Madeleine “Molly” Conger.

Conger a “senior researcher,” told the Post what she, Exoo and her pals want to do:

I’m interested in disincentivizing this behavior. I’m interested in raising the cost of being a white nationalist, raising the cost of being a Nazi, raising the cost of making these threats anonymously online, and making it clear that these people are not as hard to find as they think they are.

[A small group of sleuths had been identifying right-wing extremists long before the attack on the Capitol, by Robert Klemko, January 10, 2021].

In other words, they want to silence the opposition—just like the goons that showed up at Carlson’s house.

Exoo goes by several noms de guerre on Twitter, including Antifash Gordon and Dox Savage, which he uses to encourage his tens of thousands of followers to deluge businesses with requests to fire or evict working people [Meet the Undercover Anti-Fascists, by Andy Kroll, Rolling Stone, February 14, 2021].

Maybe that’s because the uber-privileged Exoo family never has to worry about unemployment or homelessness. They are cocooned in a web of wealth and nepotism at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.

Attorney Diane Exoo and professor Calvin Exoo, Christian’s parents.

Christian Exoo’s father, Calvin Fred Exoo, is an emeritus professor at the university as well as a writer at Leftist outlets Salon, TruthOut and Huffington Post.

And where Daddy Exoo goes, Christian is not far behind.

Calvin Exoo teaches at St. Lawrence, so Christian gets a job in the library. Calvin writes for Salon, so Christian writes for the website, too.

And wouldn’t you know it, Christian’s Mommy, Diane Exoo, an attorney, is or was an assistant adjunct professor at St. Lawrence University.

Dreadlocked brother Josh is an associate professor at the university.

St. Lawrence doesn’t post faculty salaries online, but lists average base pay for a professor emeritus at $167,483 per year, excluding benefits.

Josh Exoo, of the ubiquitous Exoo brood

 For an attorney, average base pay is listed as $107, 549 per year.

This would place the Exoo family in the top 5 percent for household income in the United States; median household income in 2020 was $68,400.

No wonder Exoo feels entitled to dox the rabble, the Deplorables, the great unwashed: firefighters, nurses, mechanics, and teachers. Working stiffs. Even when none of them have been accused of violence, breaking the law, or even making a racially insensitive comment.

Thus Exoo has targeted a firefighter, not accused of unlawful conduct, and a public-school teacher who attended a protest of which he, Exoo, did not approve.

He’ll even attack a target’s innocent family members. In the case of a Florida nurse, Exoo promoted a campaign by “Panic in the Discord,” an Antifa Doxing collective, to target the victim’s wife and their newborn baby.

They publicized the baby’s gift registry and published photos of the infant.

Then they directed a mob to contact the family and their employers.

No one had accused the new Mom and Dad of any wrongdoing. And even if they had done something “wrong,” that doesn’t make it right to dox a baby.

But Exoo doesn’t care, as Ngo’s Post Millennial reported:

“I don’t just stalk fascists. I also get them fired, de-homed, kicked out of school, etc.” He then incites violence against his victims, “It’s really satisfying to punch a racist. They bleed nice, too”.

[Notorious Doxing Activist Accused of Racism and Predatory Behavior, Post Millennial, January 6, 2020].

Exoo’s followers once included Dayton Antifa mass murderer Connor Betts. After Exoo posted a list of targets much like the ones in this article, Betts responded, “Know your enemies” [Dayton Shooter’s Now-Suspended Twitter Appears To Have Had Pro-Antifa, Pro-Gun Control Comments, by Shelby Talcott, The Daily Caller, August 5, 2019].

Betts murdered nine and injured 27 others.

Should we blame Christian Exoo?

Abner Bashir Hauge

The Post and Rolling Stone also profiled Abner Hauge, who runs the Left Coast Right Watch website and Twitter feed and works with Exoo at Deplatform Hate.

Hauge purchased a gun to prepare for war with his rivals and has been photographed wearing clothing emblazoned with semi-automatic rifles over social justice slogans like “Defend Equality,” as the Post reported.

Hauge dresses down in a sort of crust-punk hobo chic, but like Exoo, he’s the scion of wealthy parents.

Pictured: Abner Hauge, with mother Robina and father Evan

Hauge’s mother, Robina Bhatti-Hauge, emigrated from Pakistan in the 1980s and is now a global studies professor at the California State University Monterey Bay. She collected a cool $156,776.27 in salary and benefits in 2019 [Source: Transparent California].

The father, Evan Palmer Hauge, lists his occupation as fine woodworker and home chef. But he partly owns Robina’s Organics, a sprawling multimillion dollar farm in Salinas, California. The farm, which includes a massive six-bedroom home, was valued at $2,603,261 in 2017.

A sister, Maheen Ruby Hauge, works in an architecture firm and runs an art gallery, another vocation of the wealthy and privileged.

While many of the Hauge family’s sources of income are unknown, the mother’s salary from CSU alone is 2.29 times the 2020 median household income.

Factoring in grants, farm income and the father’s income (unknown) as well as property assets, easily situates the Hauges in the Antifa’s dreaded top 1 percent.

Talia Brach Lavin

Another member of Deplatform Hate is Talia Lavin, a vicious Doxer from one of the most elite and privileged families on this list.

She’s known for spreading disinformation about Justin Gaertner, a computer forensics analyst with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Gaertner is a wheelchair-bound Marine veteran who lost his legs serving in Afghanistan.

Lavin, a former “fact-checker” at The New Yorker, falsely accused Gaertner of being a “white supremacist” because of a “Titan 2” platoon tattoo on his elbow, which she confused with a Nazi symbol.

Unlike the working stiffs that Deplatform Hate attacks, after the magazine “cancelled” Lavin for smearing the Marine hero, she landed another high-profile job with Media Matters [Media Matters Hires Ex-New Yorker Fact Checker Who Falsely Said ICE Agent Had Nazi Tattoo, by Jon Levine, The Wrap, July 20, 2018]. And she still has a megaphone with the Leftist Regime Media: Boston Globe, Washington Post, Real Clear Politics and Business Insider [Muck Rack]. Less than a year later, The Wrap’s Levine reported, New York University’s journalism hired her to teach “reporting on the far right,” then canceled the class … but not because she smeared someone [NYU Cancels Former New Yorker Fact-Checker Talia Lavin’s Journalism Class, March 20, 2019]. The problem? Low enrollment!

Lavin’s mother, Gila Leiter, is a doctor and professor at Mt. Sinai Hospital. She is also president of the Medical Board of Mount Sinai Hospital and runs its Administrative Executive Committee.

Her father, James F. Lavin, his LinkedIn profile says, is the founder and CEO of Electron Storage, Inc., owner of Lavin Holdings, LLC, and a board member of Electrical Grid Monitoring, LTD.

James Lavin graduated from Harvard University with a biochemistry degree, and Talia freely admits that she was a “legacy kid” at Harvard. Daddy got her in, even though she’s only a B+ student. Another of Talia’s sisters was also admitted into Harvard as a “legacy” student, then went to Mount Sinai with her mother.

James Lavin and Gila Leiter own a $2.7 million condo in Manhattan.

The Lavins potentially control millions of dollars in assets, likely putting them in the top 1 percent of wealthiest Americans.

Despite all the privilege and wealth, Lavin calls her father evil because he supported Donald Trump.

An irony of Lavin’s wealthy upbringing is how she routinely chides her victims with such terms as “middle-aged business owners” [Confronting white supremacy among our neighbors, our families — and ourselves, by Talia Lavin, Boston Globe, January 15, 2021]. She affects the air of a righteous, proletarian communist warrior despite her wealthy background, and punches down at the most stigmatized and vulnerable strata of society.

Madeleine Blair “Molly” Conger

Molly Conger, who thinks her opponents are “Nazis,” leveraged the Unite the Right rally to increase her national profile. While Conger—Twitter handle, @socialistdogmom—is often seen wearing a red communist bandanna, she too comes from a privileged bourgeois background.

Her father is John Conger, an assistant program manager for a major defense contractor, who lives in Virginia Beach with Molly’s mother, Blair Ferguson Conger. She is a midwife with the Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center. Program managers of Conger’s type earn about $137,000 annually []. The average salary for a midwife was $105,030 annually in 2019. High-end earners make $158,990 per year [Bureau of Labor Statistics].

Molly Conger graduated from the University of Virginia and was project manager at an education software company, as the Washington Post’s Klemko reported in its friendly profile above. In 2017, she founded Conger Consulting, LLC. Now that she rakes in thousands of dollars per month in Patreon donations, she’s a full-time social media activist.

Some highlights from her malevolent career:

  • In February 2019, she Doxed a man for posting a video that said Antifa had attacked James Fields at the Charlottesville Unite The Right rally. The individual’s personal information remains at her Twitter feed.

She instigated a targeted harassment campaign to destroy his small business and taunted him about losing custody of his child in a divorce proceeding.

  • In December 2020, Conger posted video of herself training for armed conflict on behalf of the Antifa ideology.

  • In December 2020, she gloated over police officers dying in the line of duty during the holiday season.




Conger is also another of the Leftist “activists” who doesn’t like her father. “I’m familiar with the wrongs my father did in service of this shitty country,” she tweeted.

Jared Lawrence Holt

Jared L. Holt is a media personality who attacks conservative journalists. While he chafes at being linked to Antifa, he continues to invite the association by repeatedly working with notorious extremists like Conger and Emily Gorcenski [Behind The CJR’s Hit Job On A Researcher Exposing Antifa-Journalist Connections, by Emily Stolzfoos, Daily Caller, June 15, 2019].

Because Holt is from Bentonville, Arkansas, readers might think his roots are humble. In fact, he’s just another rich kid.

Holt’s father, Larry Allen Holt, is a recently retired corporate executive with J.B. Hunt, the trucking company. Compensation for a J.B. Hunt National Account Executive is estimated at $81,664 base pay with $34,568 in additional compensation: $116,232 per year [J.B. Hunt Transport National Account Executive Salaries, Glassdoor].

Holt’s stepmother, Lisa Hayward Wadlin, is Head of Tax, at Netflix, the single-highest paying job on this list. Compensation: About $350,000 [Netflix Senior Tax Manager Salaries, Glassdoor].

Salarywise, the Holts are in the top 2 percent of American workers, excluding investments and real property.

Upon leaving Arkansas for Washington D.C., Jared Holt immediately hooked up with George Soros’ Media Matters and People for the American Way, his LinkedIn page says.

He used the substantial resources at his disposal to target conservative journalists like Ashley Rae Goldenberg, a first-generation college graduate and daughter of two blue-collar parents. A slight, unassuming reporter with Capital Research Center before Holt’s attack, Goldenberg made the mistake of challenging Leftist Regime Media hysterics about the “racist whites” who murder “unarmed” blacks [Capital Research Center Employee Favorite Source for White Nationalist Smear Campaign Against Ahmaud Arbery, by Jared Holt, Right Wing Watch, May 14, 2020].

In particular, Holt attacked her for highlighting inconvenient facts in the Ahmaud Arbery case. Arbery, recall, was shot while “jogging” through a repeatedly burglarized white neighborhood and tried to seize a shotgun from a suspicious resident.

Exoo promoted the hit piece and called Goldenberg a “Nazi.” She is Jewish.

But Goldenberg lost her job at CRC after Holt’s piece, which was preceded by months of attacks from Conservatism, Inc. [Jared Holt and ConInc Push Conservative Non Profit to Fire Ashley Rae Goldenberg, by Gabriel Keane, National File, May 26, 2020].

On another occasion, Holt stalked reporter Cassandra Fairbanks after Leftist terrorists attacked her home. The terrorists shot guns and fireworks at her house and pounded on her windows, which forced Fairbanks and family, including a young daughter, to flee [‘Ridiculous lawlessness’: Journalist Cassandra Fairbanks says her home ATTACKED by rioting mob as 9-year-old daughter hid inside, RT, June 1, 2020].

Rapper Key Nyata

Fairbanks also received threats from extremist blacks, including the repellent rapper Key Nyata. “Maybe you need a bullet in the back of your skull,” he tweeted [Twitter Lets Verified Account Threaten Journalist with ‘Bullet in the Back of Your Skull’, by Lucas Nolan, Breitbart, May 29, 2020].

Of course, Fairbanks was terrified.

Holt then canvassed her neighborhood and spoke to neighbors for a hit piece defending the left-wing agitators. Fairbanks recorded a conversation with her neighbors who accused Holt of fabricating quotes that insinuated Fairbanks was not the victim of a real attack [Exclusive: Rioters Attacked My Home and Jared Holt Created a Wild Conspiracy Theory to Cover for Them, by Cassandra Fairbanks, Gateway Pundit, June 22, 2020].

Like Exoo, Holt influenced Dayton Antifa mass murderer Connor Betts. But Holt furiously covered his trail, deleting old tweets and blocking Betts to remove his retweets of Holt’s toxic material [The Dayton Ohio Terrorist was ANTIFA Supporter, by Michael Cernovich,, August 5, 2019].

Emily Florence Gorcenski (Born: Edward James Gorcenski)

Emily Gorcenski, born Edward, is a “transgender woman” and hard-core Antifa hacker and cyberstalker living in Berlin, Germany. Gorcenski is friends with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, who follows Gorcenski on the site. Perhaps that explains why Twitter hasn’t stopped Gorcenski’s harassment and violent propaganda, such as hit lists of political enemies.


Gorcenski advocates scrapping the U.S. Constitution so the Left can crush conservative dissidents, brings weapons to political protests and celebrates violent attacks on enemies.


Gorcenski has celebrated and advocated violence against me on multiple occasions. Hacked materials from my private Facebook account are still live on her Twitter feed, in violation of Twitter’s purported policies.

Like Conger, Gorcenski is training for armed conflict.

Gorcenski was also in charge of organizing the Antifa “counter-protest” against the Charlottesville Unite The Right rally on August 11 and 12, 2017, and credits a “diversity of tactics” approach to its success.

“Diversity of tactics” has been successfully argued in several federal court cases to mean use of violence.

Gorcenski’s parents appear to be white conservative Republicans of the kind Gorcenski frequently calls “Nazis” on social media.

When I say they are white, I mean both parents. Gorcenski is Asian and was likely adopted.

But they aren’t the story in this case. Gorcenski is apparently wealthy in her own right.

Gorcenski is head of data for Thoughtworks in Germany. Thoughtworks is a “global software consultancy” corporation with 43 offices in 14 countries. It claims “social justice” as one of the “Three Pillars” of its corporate philosophy.

Salary: between $225,000-500,000 annually [Archive:]. That’s in the top 2 percent of income earners in the United States.

Meanwhile, Gorcenski Doxes in violation of Twitter’s rules, with names, addresses and identifying physical characteristics of social media users.

According to Twitter user @LurkingGoblin, Gorcenski uses a technique called “crime laundering,” whereby she’s “careful to limit her criminal activities to actions illegal in the US but while living in Germany.” It’s “a technique used by Antifa to frustrate law enforcement by exploiting the international nature of the internet.” She’s living in Germany, and doxing people in America.

In 2018, Gorcenski Doxed a military veteran named Joshua Pagonis as a “Nazi.”

Gorcenski posted clearly identifiable pictures of his house and truck, and Doxed his employer, too.

But it turned out that Gorcenski had fingered the wrong man.

And even little children aren’t off-limits for Gorcenski, as this tweet shows:

In August 2020, Gorcenski notoriously invited followers to dox attendees of a Trump boat parade in Northern Virginia.

Gorcenski posted serial numbers from the boats to identify and harass attendees.

What you can do:

You are not helpless! If you have lost your job due to Doxing and harassment, you have a right to sue, just like Daniel D’Ambly did. D’Ambly is a Unite the Right 2 attendee, Teamster, and platemaker who lost his job after a campaign by Christian Exoo [Lawsuit: SLU allowed ‘Antifa’ member to harass, by Scott Atkinson, 7News WWNY, September 23, 2020].

Remember, the late David Yeagley actually prevailed in his lawsuit against One People’s Project, and Jared Taylor has succeeded in using the courts to make the State of Tennessee recognize the First Amendment rights of the American Renaissance conference.

Speak to your attorney about what claims might apply to you including: tortious interference, stalking, invasion of privacy and conspiracy.

Cyberstalking is a crime in most jurisdictions.

To report tweets violating Twitter’s rules, like the ones in this article, click the three dots in the upper left corner, select “Report Tweet” from the dropdown menu, select your reason for reporting as “It’s abusive or harmful,” then “Includes targeted harassment.”

For more examples of the dangerous and illegal Doxing these nasty people do, see my website.


Jason Kessler [Email him |Tweet him] is a freelance journalist and activist who has written for, Daily Caller and GotNews as well as his own site

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